LAB Metadecidim -Sesision 7- Decidim PX (Participant Experience): participatory design of democratic digital platforms

Canodromo – Parc de Recerca Creativa Carrer de Concepción Arenal, 165, 08027 Barcelona Sala Polivalente
15 de December de 2017

One of the challenges of network democracy is to make the complexity of its mechanisms and infrastructures attractive and easy to understand for the citizens who must use them. This is a traditional challenge of any digital platform. Making a web a pleasant and easy to explore space is a challenge that has always tried to answer the area of research and practice around the user experience (UX). In the case of decidim, the challenge is especially considerable for two reasons:

  1. The complexity and novelty of the processes involved. That is, decided not only to be intuitive and easy to navigate as a web page, but to serve as an interface, gateway and guide in relation to a whole new range of democratic processes;
  2. The collaborative and democratic design. Decidim is a platform co-designed by citizens, that is, it is not only a digital platform for network democracy but also a democratic platform in its design and governance. For this reason, the PX axis of the metadecidim community proposes a transition from the traditional UX model (in which users are presented with an interface whose final design depends on its owners, often corporations) on an innovative model, which we define as PX, in which the people involved are presented as participants in a process of continuous democratic co-design of the platform.

In this session of metadecidim lab, entitled "Decidim PX (Participant Experience): participatory design of democratic digital platforms" we try to answer a key challenge: what design model has to be followed to improve the experience of the participants in Decidim?

More details in the report of the session.

LAB Metadecidim. Network research for network democracy

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