LAB Metadecidim -Session 5- Gobernanza democrática de infraestructuras digitales público-comunes

Campus UPF (Poble Nou) Edifici Roc Boronat C/Roc Boronat, 138, Barcelona (Sala 52.217 (Planta 2)
19 de July de 2018
Currently, the Decidim project is in a period of defining the governance structures and processes that will allow the Metadecidim community to decide on the platform, on its multiple layers and dimensions (from the data policies to the rules of use, from the functionalities to the democratic guarantees of its deployment), starting with the software, in the medium and long term. As public-common infrastructure (ie, public financing, participatory design and democratic governance), Decidim is presented as a model opposed to the corporate Facebook or Google. Also, being a political network, the nature of its contents and structures is qualitatively different from that of Wikipedia: the objective is not the collaborative construction of a repository of information and knowledge but decisions, intelligences and collective actions that could go from production of laws, strategic plans, or budgets to the self-organization and collective action of social organizations. In this context, the challenge for this session of the LAB.metadecidim is to discuss and outline a model of democratic governance for Decidim.
Challenge to debate:
  • What actors, structures, processes, devices and guarantees are necessary to build a democratic democratic governance of Decidim?
Guiding questions:
  • What models of platform governance exist?
  • What should we understand by "democratic governance" of a digital infrastructure?
  • What models are there? What cases can serve as a reference?
  • Which could be the actors, the structures, the processes and the necessary devices to promote a democratic decision-making governance?
  • What layers (software licenses, data policies, usage rules, interface design, types of processes) and dimensions (economic, political, technological, institutional-bureaucratic, etc.) should be taken into account when articulating this governance ?
  • What legal forms would they have?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a democratic platform governance?
LAB Metadecidim. Network research for network democracy

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