LAB Metadecidim -Sesión 6- Innovación democrática guiada por modelos simulados.

Campus UPF (Poble Nou) Edifici Roc Boronat C/Roc Boronat, 138, Barcelona Sala 52.217 (Planta 2)
6 de October de 2017
The 21st century democracy faces very complex challenges, from economics to ecology, challenges that require mobilizing the will and knowledge distributed in society. Participation is emerging as a key way to catalyze the intelligence and collective action of citizens. However, not all participatory processes are capable of doing so. Democracy is a complex system and finding the conditions that favor such results, in order to stimulate them, is a research challenge of the first magnitude for the Decidim project. Other fields of study in complex systems (neuroscience, ecology, economics, etc.) have achieved remarkable success through the development of mathematical models and computer simulations. Participatory democracy also requires developing models about the dynamics that develop in and around these processes, their conditions and key factors. As a crucial innovation, in recent years, platforms such as decidim have opened the possibility of extracting and using massive data on the dynamics of digital participation. This opens, in principle, the possibility of generating knowledge to improve democratic processes and, perhaps, their results. But the variety of factors involved in democratic processes is immense and, in addition, the study is in an incipient state (unlike other disciplines). It is therefore of fundamental importance to advance the most relevant issues, define the objectives, limits and methodologies required to model and simulate democratic processes.
The 6th session of the decidim.lab, entitled "Democratic innovation guided by simulated models" is aimed at raising the possibilities of simulated models for new forms of participation in platforms such as decidim. Exploring this question implies raising other issues and challenges, ranging from the epistemic to the ethical and the political.
LAB Metadecidim. Network research for network democracy

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