Multilayer networks: metrics and spectral properties

TítuloMultilayer networks: metrics and spectral properties
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsCozzo E, de Arruda GFerraz, Rodrigues FA, Moreno Y
JournalarXiv:1504.05567 [cond-mat, physics:physics]
ResumenMultilayer networks represent systems in which there are several topological levels each one representing one kind of interaction or interdependency between the systems' elements. These networks have attracted a lot of attention recently because their study allows considering different dynamical modes concurrently. Here, we revise the main concepts and tools developed up to date. Specifically, we focus on several metrics for multilayer network characterization as well as on the spectral properties of the system, which ultimately enable for the dynamical characterization of several critical phenomena. The theoretical framework is also applied for description of real-world multilayer systems.
Short TitleMultilayer networks