Contact-based Social Contagion in Multiplex Networks

TitleContact-based Social Contagion in Multiplex Networks
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsCozzo E, Baños R.A, Meloni S., Moreno Y.
JournalPhysical Review E
ISSN1539-3755, 1550-2376
AbstractWe develop a theoretical framework for the study of epidemic-like social contagion in large scale social systems. We consider the most general setting in which different communication platforms or categories form multiplex networks. Specifically, we propose a contact-based information spreading model, and show that the critical point of the multiplex system associated to the active phase is determined by the layer whose contact probability matrix has the largest eigenvalue. The framework is applied to a number of different situations, including a real multiplex system. Finally, we also show that when the system through which information is disseminating is inherently multiplex, working with the graph that results from the aggregation of the different layers is flawed.