Research as action, action as politics.

In Tecnopolítica we are a network of people and a technopolitical athenaeum, an extitutional research space located between academia, social movements and new democratic institutions. We aspire to be a place of collaboration and exchange of knowledge and practices on technology, politics and society. A laboratory of thought and action.
In recent decades, new ways of doing politics have emerged where technopolitical practices and networks, both technological and human, are fundamental. In Tecnopolítica, we research and try to contribute to these social transformations from a situated, experimental and transdisciplinary perspective. Our approach incorporates positions, knowledge and methods from different areas: network, data, and complexity sciences; social movements, communication, as well as science and technology studies; the philosophy of technology, and beyond. Upon them we build our own visions to explore new narrative, analytical and practical territories.
Tecnopolítica is also a research unit associated to the Communication Networks and Social Change (CNSC) group of the Internet Interdisciplnary Institute (IN3) of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). At the same time, it operates as a node within a wider network of people, collectives, centres and research laboratories.

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