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SOM Metadecidim (Session 7)

Lugar :
Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats Carrer Sant Adrià 20, 08030, Barcelona - Planta 3, Sala 2
Fecha :
After the experience of the #JAM17 (by the way, we must congratulate ourselves for the work done!) We announce that the next SOM will be celebrated in Fabra and Coats (Room 1, floor 3), our new workspace that will help us to grow as a community. Do not miss this session, which will help us to rediscover, close the course and plan what we will do next year.


Objectives of the session
  • Continue promoting the creation of community
  • Facilitate the use of time effectively and aligned with the interests of each and the project
  • Facilitate communication between the different initiatives that are being carried out
Welcome (10 ') / 18.00h
Presentation of agenda and blocks of work (10 ') / 18.10h
Block 1 - OST (Open Space Technology) (90 ') / 18.20h
Pause with pica-pica and comments on the JAM (15 ') / 19.40h
Block 2 - Informative space with the whole community (30 ') / 19.55h: the new stage of development that begins now in Decidim
Block 3: Closure and celebration (20 ') / 19.25h
Access to the conclusions and reports generated in each line in this link:
  • Motivation for participation
  • Who is the Metadecidim Community and what does it have to decide?
  • The institutional response within the Decidim
  • PX Team (Participant experience)
  • Technology Team
  • Research Team

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