Automated Control Wars - The Influencers

CCCB (Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona) C/Montalegre 5, 08001 Barcelona

27 de October de 2018

Multiple possible futures are pulsating in the present. In the context of surveillance capitalism and the growing algorithmic governance of society, various agents organize themselves and mobilize their resources so that tomorrow is as close as possible to what they want.

The Digital Democracy and Common Data (DDDC) project is part of an agenda of thought and social, political, cultural and economic action that seeks a more just and democratic society, in which people have greater control over their data and their common life, but have to compete with other ways of understanding that same society and its technologies (e.g., the one promoted by the big Silicon Valley corporations).

In this context, DDDC will participate in the Automated Control Wars action that will take place at The Influencers festival, seeking to reveal and explore the struggles of the present and the near future through a battle between four possible actors and scenarios (corporations guided by the desire to accumulate power and capital, an alt-right state trying to control its population, digital nomads seeking to build a state that protects their way of life, and an empowered citizenry trying to take power) using automated connected technologies to shape the future of our world.

DECODE project

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