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Data Control Wars - Mobile Week Barcelona

Lugar :
Escola Massana Plaça de la Gardunya, 9, 08001 Barcelona
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Multiple possible futures are pulsating in the present. In the context of surveillance capitalism and the growing algorithmic governance of society, various agents organize themselves and mobilize their resources so that tomorrow is as close as possible to what they want.

Initiatives such as Digital Democracy and Data Commons (DDDC) develop technologies with the aim of pursuing a more fair and democratic society, where people have greater control over their data and their lives together. However, these ways of understanding the relationship between society and technology have to compete with others that prioritize economic profit over people's life improvement, such as the one promoted by the big Silicon Valley corporations.

Data Control Wars makes evident these struggles for the conquest of the future through an experimental game, where various actors will confront each other using technologies and ways of understanding and managing data to influence the world we will live in tomorrow.

This action is organized by the Barcelona Data Commons Network and has been designed by Becoming + Tecnopolítica, with the collaboration of Dimmons and Eticas Foundation as part of the DDDC (Digital Democracy and Data Commons) pilot of the European project DECODE.

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