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Habbo meta-participation room - Post-Inertia Summer school 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed that current political theories and the interfaces they gestated were designed for the homogenizing needs of industrial mass societies and have not yet accounted to our lived and wished equality and freedom. Parting from this sudden interruption of physical-based interactions, we aim to question the theoretical metaphor that frames these as the basic ethical-political gestures of civic participation. Considering that video games feed on users’ desire for participation and control over the social context/ethical life in which they exist, we will attempt to hijack an existing game to build a tool (and framework) for democratic participation. By replacing the statal metaphor based on simplification and generalization with a ludic one that fosters complexity and overflow, the project proposes to play with Habbo Hotel to explore its possibilities and speculate what kind of political covenant and forms of democratic participation can be generated within this online social game. More info here.