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LAB Metadecidim -Session 13- Decidim.cultura: Citizen participation technologies for cultural management and production.

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Laboratorio de Innovación Democrática (Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats Carrer de Sant Adrià, 20, 08030 Barcelona) - Sala 1 (Tercera Planta)
Fecha :
In this seminar, LAB Metadecidim and CULTURA work together to evaluate the possibilities of the Decidim as a platform for the democratic governance of Culture. Decidim is a digital platform of participation promoted by the Barcelona City Council for the articulation of democratic processes on a large scale for institutions and / or organizations or social and cultural projects, with the the platform for the participation of the city.
LAB Metadecidim is an open and collaborative research space aimed at addressing key issues for the development of the Decidim platform. The meetings of LAB Metadecidim are a place from which to promote the construction of these communities, an open and shared space for research, from which weave networks for the search for democracy in the network. That is why we invite the expert community, the scientific community of universities, their groups and research centers, the specialized companies and their social environment to be part of this project.
CULTURA VIVA is an open program for research and project development to recognize and promote spaces for participation, circulation and cultural co-production in Barcelona. CULTURA VIVA works from the relationship and the complicity between communities, institutions and independent spaces of culture based on the recognition of the diversity present in cultural ecosystems and the strengthening of decentralized, participatory and networked cultural production from the following axes:
  1. Democracy
  2. Citizen innovation
  3. Diversity
  4. Community Management
  5. New cultural economies
"Decidim.Cultura" seminar is to discover, explore, debate and raise new opportunities for community and democratic governance in the field of culture. El Decidim as a technopolitical tool is a digital asset that allows to articulate democratic and participatory structures and processes, for example, in the management of cultural facilities, in the self-organization of cultural organizations (associations, trade unions, etc.), in the strategic planning of the culture, or in the opening to the citizenship of processes of creation and cultural production. Explore in detail the existing needs in the field of culture and analyze the possibilities that open platforms such as Decidim is one of the main challenges of this seminar.
  • Explore the possibilities of the platform Decidim as a mechanism of democratic governance for cultural management and production environments.
  • Decidim could involve management processes, production and participatory cultural programming. Design togehter the challenges and opportunities to host a digital governance tool for cultural domains of self-management with citizen participation.
  • How can Decidim could provide democratic governance tools to co-manage resources and processes of cultural production?
  • How can Decidim could promote and Provide Communication Mechanisms to Cultural and Social Communities?
  • How can Dcidim could facilitate the reception of citizen proposals and make decision-making possible in public, private and / or public-private cultural production and management environments?
  • How Decidim could allow co-propose and co-decide cultural programming in a participatory manner with citizenship?


Más información

Más información e inscripciones aquí

  • Arnau Monterde (Ajuntament de Barcelona)
  • Daniel Granados (Institut de Cultura de Barcelona)
  • Beatriz Redondo (Intermediae)
  • Carla Alsina (Ateneu Popular 9 Barris)
  • Natàlia Oliete (Casa Orlandai)
  • Sheila Corchete (Centre Cívic Pere Quart)
  • Mireia Mora (La Tremenda)
DISCUSSIÓ AMB FILA 0  [ 11:15 - 12:00]
  • Consell de la Fabra i Coats, Residents Fabra i Coats
CO-DISSENY REPTES  [ 12:00 - 13:00]
  • Dinàmica de grups per a plantejar reptes.

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