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LAB Metadecidim. Network research for network democracy

LAB Metadecidim is an open and collaborative research space aimed at addressing key problems for the development of the Decidim platform and network democracy. Networks such as Decidim will transform political life in the coming years in the same way that social networks or mobile applications have transformed our daily lives. This presents new challenges that may be faced by the collective intelligence of communities of experts still to be built.

The Metadecidim LAB’s meetings promote the construction of these communities, and constitute an open and shared research space, in which to weave research networks for network democracy. Therefore, the expert citizens, the university community, its groups and research centers, as well as specialized companies and their social environment, are invited to take part in this project.
Technopolitical challenges
The sessions deal with issues such as digital identity, security and privacy, processes and models of network democracy, technopolitical governance, the usefulness of artificial intelligence for participation, political gamification, or citizen science.
The first (and main) objective of the laboratory is to open a space for debate to guide the development of Decidim. A second objective is to build networks and communities of experts interested in contributing to this development in its different faces (privacy, security, ontology, etc.). These contributions can go from the realization of applied or theoretical research around Decidim to the direct contribution to the code in Github, through the incorporation of these experts to the Metadecidim community through the Metadecidim Operational Sessions (SOM). A third objective is to constitute an open space for research and debate on network democracy in a broader sense.
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