LAB Metadecidim - Session 2. Strategies for political gamification and engagement for democracy

Roc boronat, 138 (Barcelona). Sala 52.217 (Planta 2)
21 de April de 2017

In this second session of the LAB Metadecidim we will deal with a central problem: how to increase the quantity and quality of participation in the Decidim, the digital platform for citizen participation. We will discuss what strategies and mechanisms of engagement and gamification can contribute in this field, their possibilities, limits and risks. By political gamification we understand mechanisms that enrich the activity of the users of the platform with elements similar to the game: processes defined by thresholds, with incentive, with profiles of enriched and distinctive users, etc. By engagement strategies we understand processes, tools and more open mechanisms, aimed at enhancing quality participation and generating active communities around it, both face-to-face and digital tools and mechanisms, ranging from sending periodic information to users of the platform until the celebration of meetings, going through the construction of narratives and materials capable of attracting citizens.

LAB Metadecidim. Network research for network democracy

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