LAB Metadecidim -Session 4- Digital ontologies of participation

Campus UPF (Poble Nou) Edificio Roc Boronat. Roc boronat, 138, Barcelona. Sala 52.217 (Planta 2)
30 de June de 2017
This Friday, June 30 at 9:30 we celebrate the fourth session of the LAB.Metadecidim. On this occasion, we will consider how to approach the ontology of citizen participation based on the case of the Decidim, which currently constitutes a digital platform to articulate participation, a project (here you can consult the code in open) and a Metadecidim community that sustains the development and evolution of it.
Ontologies, as part of a documentary semantics, are fundamental for a diversity of scientific disciplines since they define the entities or parts of a system and the types of existing relationships (synonymous, hierarchical or associative). In complex systems, such as social systems, which also have an organic character and are subject to evolution, treating ontologies is even more interesting.
In this session we will address the three (possible) territories that deserve special interest from an ontological point of view:
  • Processes and participation bodies and their basic elements
  • Citizen practices
  • Database model
LAB Metadecidim. Network research for network democracy

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