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SOM Metadecidim (Session 10)

Lugar :
Fàbrica de creació Fabra i Coats, Sant Adrià 20 (Barcelona)
Fecha :
Do you collaborate with the Metadecidim Community? We wait for you in the next SOM to continue working together and building this public-common project. Check your team's meeting and bring your ideas to make the agenda of the session.
And if you come for the first time, no problem! Through "Metadecidim al día" you will be able to get to know the project and clear up your questions. You can also access the Welcome process at any time to get familiar with the platform and the Community.
  • Research Team - LAB
  • Storytelling Team - COM
  • Technologies Team - TECH
  • Participants Experience Team - PX
  • Governance Team - GOV

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