SOM Metadecidim

We are what we decide

The SOM Metadecidim are open monthly meetings in which the Metadecidim community (municipal workers, hackers, researchers, experts and citizens in general) meets to design the Decidim platform. These sessions are the space in which the community that will decide the future of the new key infrastructure for democracy Decidim, is built. In the same way that social networks or mobile applications cross our daily lives today, networks such as Decidim will permeate political life in the coming years. For this reason, it is important that all of us participate in the building process and control of these networks. Because our political decisions should not depend on infrastructures created and controlled by large corporations in an undemocratic manner. As Lawrence Lessig pointed out, today the computer code is law, and the SOM is the space in which the Metadecidim community writes, democratically, new codes for democracy.
The sessions are organized around five thematic axes of work:
  • Functions: design of functionalities by and for all. In these sessions anyone can contribute to define new functionalities for Decidim.
  • UX Experience (User Experience): sessions dedicated to meet and share the experience that users have of the Decidim. This helps diagnose necessary changes.
  • Strategy: these are sessions dedicated to collectively discussing the situation of the Decidim as a project and the steps to follow in its development and extension.
  • Storytelling: technopolitical discourses to reflect, imaginate and seduct. These sessions focus on the construction of common and creative discourses around participation, Decidim and democracy.
  • Technologies: experimentation and reflection on useful technologies for Decidim, architecture of the platform, development community and gitflow, installation of Decidim, technical documentation, etc.
  • Research: network research for a network democracy. This thematic axis develop the decidim.lab open debates (monthly), as well as other research challenges connected with the development of Decidim and the network democracy.
This project has been co-financed by: