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SOM Metadecidim (Session 15)

Lugar :
Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats Carrer Sant Adrià 20, 08030, Barcelona (Planta 3, Sala 1)
Fecha :
Next Thursday, October 25, we invite you to participate in the 15th SOM: 
What will we do?
  • Doing Decidim: we move forward with the governance process, do not miss it! there will also be open meeting space for emerging issues.
  • Decidim Stories: The OIDP (International Observatory for Participatory Democracy) will share its experience: use of Decidim in 2 participatory processes.
  • +1 Decidim: support space for new installations
  • Decidim answers: support space to answer questions
  • Metadecidim update: meet Decidim and explore its new functionalities


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