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Conversation: data commons and breaches in surveillance capitalism

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Hangar Emilia Coranty 13, 08018 Barcelona, Spain
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The new forms of capitalism rely on data, platforms and surveillance. To dismantle them requires cultivating the weapons of criticism, art and conversation. In this face-to-face encounter, with the serenity that allows us to listen to the din of technology, we will explore the gaps in current capitalism that point to other possible alternatives.

In the context of the production, experimentation and artistic research centre Hangar, we will hold a meeting that, starting from the analyses and proposals of the DECODE project and the DDDC pilot, will transit between diagnosis and prognosis, between dissection and speculation, between hegemony and its alternatives, with the word and the body as hyperlinks between personal experience and global pre-occupation.

This action, promoted by Tecnopolítica with the collaboration of Dimmons and Becoming, is part of the DDDC (Digital Democracy and Common Data) pilot of the European project DECODE.

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